Path to new consciousness


Letting go to old beliefs

Humanity is currently going thru deep changes, at many levels. We are aiming to be less self-centered and looking to more sustainable ways to live our life on the earth.

There are many movements now looking to re-establish the connection with mother earth and many of us who are looking for more awareness within ourselves as human beings. We are all evolving, and we are in the process of becoming, giving up old beliefs and standing up for new values.

The mind´s programs of the past: they rule us with easiness when we are not present into ourselves. We need to build up more presence, cultivate more consciousness of ourselves and our old mind programming from the ancestors, the society and ourselves.

These are beliefs which impose and limit our response to the exterior world, to life. They limit us, our energy, our self-expression, our connection with others and the world.

Sustainability is a word that is more and more used, people are looking to find ways to re-establish balance within themselves and with the nature. There is no way back! The past has been created and it seems at times that the future is based upon it. We need something else!

Re-connect to inner potential

The shift of consciousness is bringing more people together to heal old wounds and re-connect to our inner wisdom within. Being aware that we have all the prerequisites to be free, to live a happy and balance life, this should be a goal.

To trust, allowing the natural change and evolutionary process to happen, taking up the responsibility and being aware on what are own true desires, true needs, learning about own pitfalls, reconnect with inner freedom of self-expression and the uniqueness of own being! Each one has a potential to bring something into the world.

The manifestation of everyone has an influence and an impact on this planet. Therefore, building up a new consciousness lays on the individual consciousness.

There is not one-way road to this path! I TRUST each one finds it`s own ways… We just need to allow it happening.

As I have been in the process of self-knowledge, I became more aware on my actions and their impact on others and the planet.

This allowed me to grow and let go and transform old patterns. This is not an easy process, requires investment, desire to grow and change. Sometimes is painful, sometimes is enough, sometimes is depleting. However, each time I recognize myself as a creative being, unique and worthy of life, joy and love, I feel all this effort is meaningful.

Living up to a higher consciousness

Sometimes, we are asking ourselves “Who am I?”. We may have no echo or no sense whatsoever. Yet, we realize the potential we have to change ourselves, raising our consciousness by any of our renewed actions.

These will impact the collective consciousness, and any of our positive actions will give something more to others and will affect the vibrational state of this planet. We all speak the same language at the end, the language of equal rights to life! In any of its individual and unique expressions!

There is still an illusion of separation, which manifests in so many ways: grandiosity or no worth, emotional addictions, social status etc.

It is time to shift from “just exist” to FULLY LIVE! Each has the freedom to express the unique imprint of life within the Self. There is no separation. At the end, we are all human beings in an evolutionary process of life!

Love is all we need to heal ourselves and the planet.

I am taking upon my mission to contribute, facilitate and embody an expanded consciousness. I am willing to continue my work of transformation of own negativity and fear into love. As a Core Energetics practitioner, my intention is using my personal transformation process helping others in their transformation in this way promoting expansion and evolution of human consciousness.

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