Full Moon in Piscies

Full Moon in Piscies

14 Sep 2019
5:33 Portugal


I’am, I’m alive, I’m awake, I’m heart, I’m body, I’m mind, I’m wind, I’m freedom, I’m vibration, I’m sound, I’m light, I’m love.


I remember when there was no separation, about gender roles.
I remember when man, the sun, was just light, consciousness, courage, with focus in action but with lots of lightness, with the openness to welcome all the new ideas and strong partners, where all can shine and help each other, like the stars in the sky.
I remember when woman, the moon, was just emotion, just receiving, embracing all the depths of being, so sensible and so strong, the power that comes from within, where there is no doubt about what it is, because all comes from intuition and from the heart.
The moon, mother Earth’s best friend, always reflecting the sunlight in the dark night so all beings can witness their own shadow.


I pray for all beings to be free, that man and woman can exist in all forms of existence, embracing all the sweetness and power, no matter which roles they need to perform.
May we all respect ourselves with the help of all light and darkness, so we can exist with plenty of freedom.
Co-creating a beautiful world full of art, nature and health.
I pray especially for all women that still have no freedom to choose their own path, may they be granted all the opportunities.
I pray for a stop to all the abuse, sexual, emotional, intellectual, physical, may all beings have a safe journey in planet earth.
I pray for us to integrate and embrace all our past from this life and others, from this dimension and others, so we can be the most aware and awakened version of ourselves.
I pray for all children to be born in a safe way, for all women to be protected and with the option of choice on how to live their maternity, no more imposition from society.
I pray for all different kinds of families, no matter the gender, above all with lots of love, consciousness and respect for existence.


I’m grateful for Artemis and Apollo for showing us the way, the way where we can be complete, different and alive, no matter the gender with all roles imposed from society.

I wish you all vision and courage, to remembering and at the same time dreaming and praying for the future.

May we all be free.

Marta Gato

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